Santa Barbara Financial Advisor

Santa Barbara Financial Advisor.  Your Vision, My Purpose Practicing Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Stewardship


You deserve an experienced and skilled financial advisor who can adapt to the ever-changing markets and guide you through life's complex financial universe.  To do this, I aim to leverage my strengths to your benefit, coupling Stifel's robust resources with my inherent and continuously evolving ability to understand my clients' unique situations, family dynamics, and financial goals.

Adaptability.  The future isn't a fixed destination.  That's why I adapt to your needs as your life and the markets change.  I am continually open minded to new ideas and how they may help you on your financial journey.  

Responsibility. You are my client, and I take a personal stake in our relationship.  I am resolutely dedicated to your best interests and how they align with your investment plan.  I operate a primarily advisory-based practice, as I believe that to be more appropriate in many situations to support this.

Connectedness.  You deserve a comprehensive financial plan, and I can help you build one.  Backed by Stifel's robust resources, I can connect every service we offer to your vast and ever-changing needs.  This includes retirement and estate planning strategies, tax and insurance planning services, legacy planning, and more.